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Some snark for the rainy afternoon

March 22, 2010

Here is a snarky opinion piece from the Guardian, entitled, “Sorry, Holy Father, We Can’t Forgive the Sins of your Church” by Rod Liddle. It’s got some SERIOUS snark it it though, so readers beware!

My favorite snarks:

Last year Pope Benedict XVI invited disillusioned Anglicans to join the Church of Rome if they were disapproving of, or merely bored by, women priests and homosexuals but fancied instead a few Latin incantations, rosary beads and the whiff of incense; this took the Church of England by surprise.

Now is Beardo’s chance to get his own back. He should strike while the iron is hot. Give the émigré left-footers free passage, one of those Christingle oranges and a DVD collection of The Vicar of Dibley — they can even cling on to transubstantiation, if they keep quiet about it.

And then this:

Quite recently, the Catholic Church has either castigated or banned outright internet social networking sites, the oriental spiritual healing technique of reiki, books and films by Dan Brown and, its old favourite, witches.

Now I know this seems a little presumptuous, but my guess is that Jesus Christ would probably prefer members of his flock to sit around a bubbling cauldron with a black cat, watching The Da Vinci Code while being spiritually attended to by a Japanese person and occasionally breaking off to tweet Stephen Fry, than being interfered with by a priest. As I say, this is only a guess.

And his response to this unrelated atrocity, babies dressed as dictators by Nina Maria Klevian, is also priceless:

I once tried dressing my young daughter Emmeline as Papa Doc Duvalier, but she became querulous and attempted to decapitate her fellow pupils at the Baydon Junior Crickets pre-school club with a stainless steel machete. So, worried, I then fitted her out as David Miliband, but that just made her cry all the time and act weird when she saw a banana. Still, anything to give them a leg-up in life.

Hat tip to Mimi at Wounded Bird for pointing this gem out!

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  1. March 28, 2010 6:03 pm

    My favorite quote from that article: “But the church still gives the impression that while its legions of kiddie-fiddling priests are probably, on the whole, a bad thing, they are not half as Satanic as stuff like condoms, socialism and gender equality. “

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