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January 1, 2010

Just wanted to point out a couple of posts that have spoken loudly to me this past week.

If you aren’t reading There Will Be Bread, you are missing a treat indeed.  Fran (the woman formerly known as FranIAm) has several great posts up, including a few on Mary, which helped me to clarify my thoughts on the post I wrote below. Additionally, she has a post up that is a personal reaction to the new coportate cutthroat movie, Up In the Air.  This essay talks about the very non-zen way of living in the “later”, which is an affliction I often suffer from – planning what I’ll do, before I’ve even begun to notice the thing I’d planned to do, and am already doing. It has a destructive narcotic effect on life, living that way.

Fran also pointed out this EXCELLENT essay by Bill entitled “Up In the Air”: Contemporary American Culture and the First Circles of Hell.  The post basically points out how we are all complicit in the corrupt, morally bankrupt corporate way of life.  This one is provokingly honest, and, I couldn’t agree with Bill’s assessment of the situation more.

After you get your blood pressure through the roof with that post, wander over to Elizabeth’s Telling Secrets, and have your heart melted in places you didn’t even realize were frozen.  She writes about living within the pain of altered reality – the devastating impact of dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimers, and her very honest assessment of what she has to offer as a parish priest.  So very moving.  Elizabeth truly has a gift for bringing meaningful insight to these troubling life vignettes, and I say, God Bless her for it. Bring a tissue. You’ll need it.

MadPriest seems to be very busily redecorating his digs, with his much anticipated expansion of Of Course I Could Be Wrong… Despite the title of his blog, wrong is not a thing he’ll much admit to being, and that is just as it shouled be. Awaiting his new revelation with deeply bated breath, as it seems to be not qute ready.

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