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God thoughts

October 9, 2009

I haven’t had any in awhile, and this past week, I’ve been having a lot.

Various discussions on a variety of different topics in the news, on facebook, in blogland and at Efm, on topics ranging from the political to the theological to the plain old secular have lead me to chew over many thoughts. (That’s most likely what all that smoke you’ve been smelling is…unless your dryer is on fire!)

First, Fran posted something at her blog about an experience that lead her back to her Roman Catholic roots – it was a mystical experience, which pushed her faith journey along the path of growth. She talked about how at one point, she was convinced that God, like herself, probably didn’t like mean people, but that on further reflection, she realized that was herself she was thinking of, and not God. It reminded me that God is big – bigger than I can fathom or imagine, and that when I’m feeling smug that God and I hold exactly the same opinions, I can be pretty sure that is  me, and not of God.  God loves the people I feel superior to, just in the same way God loves me – yes, even Hitler and Pol Pot and George Bush. As much as I don’t like this, it doesn’t matter.  I’m not God.  It was good to be reminded of that.

Meanwhile, in EfM, I was reading about the beginnings of the various Christian denominations in the U.S., while other members of my group were talking about the likely authorship of the Pentatuch, the influence of Rome on the mass spread of Christianity, and the gospel of Mark(?), I think…and we got to talking about how Jonathan Edwards gives me a rash, the rapture, and the assurance of those elect, that they are indeed elect. In addition, we talked about America without Christianity, which is unfathomable to me, as we are a nation basically founded by religious extremists, seditionists, and criminals.  We talked about the relative likelihood for modern day folks to accept Christ, were he to have chosen this particular moment in time to become incarnate vs. the time he did choose to come, which may have been a divinely opportune time.  We wrestled with the idea that if Jesus were to come today, his manifestation would likely be something very different from then, relevant to our time and our development – but we all agreed his message would be no less challenging.  It reminded me of a thought I have from time to time that most of Christ’s sheeple (myself included here) wouldn’t recognize him, were he to jump out and bit us on the badoingus.  Most of the people who are Christians today, in America, don’t know the meaning or cost of religious persecution – although, we do seem to know how to dish it out quite readily.

Then Michael Moore talks about how being a Roman Catholic spurred him on to pursue social justice.  Sean Hannity apparently went to a different Roman Catholic church, as he didn’t get that message at all – he apparently can’t remember the sermon when the teaching presented to him is challenging to his opportunistic capitalistic ways.  I found that interesting…

Carl McColman pointed out an article written by an anonymous nun about the proposed “visitation” to women religious from the vatican to check on their “conditions” – more like to hunt down heterodoxy, which as we all know, is the end of the world as we know it, especially if it comes from uppity women who don’t know/refuse to stay in their proper place.  Then, the Church of England pisses on women by bungling up the way their authority can be conducted, when, possibly five years in the future, they will have the ability to become bishops. It made me mad…and disappointed.  Cantaur’s attempts to placate, in order to preserve unity, seems to be going much further toward creating schism, than healing it. Promoting it even. Sighs.

The Obama goes and wins the Nobel Peace Prize. The world cheers, jeers and sneers. Nobody was as shocked as he was.  And, by the way, who won last year – because I can say that I have no idea, although I’m sure I could google it.

The polarity in our country grows tiresome to me. It’s a vast chaotic cacaphony.  I want to duck my head under the skirts of the world for a bit, to hide from the fray, but I’m afraid if I do, the world might be “gone” when I come back out. So I slog on…

And that my friends, is just a little smattering of what goes on in Eileen’s head…frightening as that is.

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  1. October 9, 2009 4:51 pm

    All I can say is that you and I are living parallel lives right now.

    And Jonathan Edwards gives me a rash too….

  2. October 10, 2009 10:08 pm

    Interesting. Thanks.

  3. October 12, 2009 8:58 pm

    Jonathan Edwards? Lotion please, I am itching.

    What a journey it is for us all and thankfully, we have each other to walk with. I am ever astounded with the breadth that brings a Hannity and a Moore from the same source. There are many other examples too. It just goes beyond all reason.

    Your post is so thought provoking. Thank you for the link, I bow my head.

    • episcopalifem permalink*
      October 14, 2009 1:10 pm

      ((((Fran)))) Thank you for the original post that provoked my own chaotic thoughts!

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