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The Hangover

June 13, 2009

My husband and I had a date night last night – something we’ve been much more intentional about doing recently, as part of our relationship repairs. We went out for a quick drink and a bite to eat before going to a movie.

I can’t remember the last movie we saw together in a movie theater. It might have been the Return of the King? At 6’4″, E doesn’t find theaters to be so comfortable, but last night we went to a movie theater that is relatively new, with stadium seating, etc., and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

The movie was hysterical. We went to laugh, and laugh we did. While it’s NOT fodder for the intellectual, it most certainly was funny. Just check your purity and maturity at the door, and you’ll do just fine, as you follow four guys on their trip to Las Vegas for the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties.

Doug is getting married to Tracey. Tracey has a VERY eccentric brother, named Alan, whom Doug has included in his wedding party, and therefore, in the bachelor party festivities. He’s warned not to let Alan gamble or drink too much (yeah, right! In Vegas!). When Doug and Alan pull up at a school to pick up Doug’s friend, Alan looks around nervously and says, “I shouldn’t be here.” Doug says, “What?” “I’m not supposed to be within 250 feet of a school. Or Chuck E. Cheese.” Ooooooooookay then.

His friends are also joining him: Phil is married, with a child – a disaffected teacher who cons money from his rich students to pay his way to Vegas. He’s the instigator – good looking, charming and full of hell. The there is Stu, a dentist who is currently pussy whipped by THE bitchiest girlfriend ever, who basically tells him how to feel, think, act and be and keeps him in constant fear. When the boys pull up to pick him up, they page him by calling out “Calling Dr. Faggot! Dr. Faggot!” Stu tells her the bachelor party is in Napa at a vineyard, and upon arriving to Vegas, tells his friends he wants to marry her. He brought the ring he’s going to give her with him, and he gives it away alright…heeee.

The boys start their night out with Jagermeister shots on the roof, and wake up the following morning to find their suite a wreck, with a Tiger in the bathroom and a six month old baby in the closet – Oh..and the groom to be nowhere to be found. They remember nothing, and spend the rest of the movie trying to track down WTF happened, eventually figuring out they were slipped roofies and did all kinds of stuff, involving an aquired police car, wedding chappels, Mike Tyson and gambling.

The performance of Ken Jeong as the crazy, mean-spirited Mr. Chow is absolutely HYSTERICAL. He is a tiny, no dicked (you literally see this is so) guy who is so mean and warped it’s surreal: someone that little and weird should not have balls like that. He totally stole the movie for me.

Bradley Cooper, who plays Phil, was very easy on the eyes. Nice.

Also, do stay till the end and watch the photo evidence of what transpired during the forgotten evening – truly the highlight of the whole movie. HYSTERICAL.

Ok…so now you all know that basically a 15 year old male adolescent inhabits a large part of my psyche (this is what happens when raised with males). Although…I have the feeling many of you all suspected it anyway.

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  1. K. Paris permalink
    June 13, 2009 10:27 am

    It has been so long since I’ve been to a movie in a theater. Years and years actually. I think it’s time to break the fast by going to see Star Trek. (I’m such a nerd.)

    • episcopalifem permalink*
      June 13, 2009 10:37 am

      Well…Star Trek was actually our first choice…but then we felt like we wanted a laugh, so The Hangover won out.

      If it’s still in the theater, maybe we’ll see Star Trek next!

  2. K. Paris permalink
    June 13, 2009 10:28 am

    PS – Have I mentioned that you have me on your blogroll twice?

    • episcopalifem permalink*
      June 13, 2009 10:38 am

      I’m a very enthusiastic linkEr to you K! I fixeded it now.

      • K. Paris permalink
        June 13, 2009 7:55 pm

        I guess I shouldn’t complain. It’s good to have the free press. 😉

        Plus I move around so much, not many are willing to put up with me. 😀

  3. Sherry permalink
    June 13, 2009 1:43 pm

    So glad to hear this! Brought a smile to my face. Good luck, and glad the movie was good. We don’t do theatres unfortunately so I’ll wait until it comes out on TV…Mortars that blow up at theatre entrances while you are inside in Vietnam have that kind of effect on a person….lol..

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