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July 16, 2008

Because, you know..I have soooo much free time, I’ve signed on to another multi-author blog – this one for unorthodox, heretical type christian-types, called The Crowded Handbasket. Yeah – hell, handbasket – we’re all going. Check us out, and give us a link if you like what you see. This is the brainchild of Kay, from Songs of Unforgetting, and features some bloggers in my blogroll, and some that are new to me.

Also, my friend Grace is feeling lonely at her blog Jesus Wept. She’s had a rough time in jolly old, find a Christian church big enough for her and her new husband – her last employer, sadly, wasn’t big enough. El Sucko when you work in the religious trade indeed. Go visit her, and check out her blog. I met her through the Mad One, and she’s a great supporter of all things social justice oriented!

It also seems that my pal Kirstin has had a bit of good news in her cancer treatment. It seems that she has finally gotten a new oncologist (with whom she can actually communicate) and will have her dreaded interfuron treatments halved, to keep her liver from getting too toxic – an option not even considered by her former doctor. So, she is still suffering with the interfuron – but hopefully not as much – and she will be able to continue these treatments that will help to keep her body free from cancer. Thanks be!

It seems that Mark Harris has a new blog where he is aggregating all things Anglican Communion related – I ran across it when visiting Johnieb’s place – it’s called Anglican Communion Redux, and he’s got up an excellent article on the roles of women in the early church. Check it out!

Finally – my blog buds Allie and Luiz (I luf Luiz) are both acting as Lambeth Stewards and are blogging about it at Tales from a Lambeth Steward and Eikon. Allie is telling all about what it’s like to be at Lambeth from the perspective of the function of a steward, and Luiz is going to be creating art works inspired by the conference. Visit their places and give them luf!

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  1. July 16, 2008 2:36 pm

    Ack! More blogs to follow!

  2. episcopalifem permalink*
    July 16, 2008 2:52 pm

    hehehehe…I’m evil, no?

  3. July 16, 2008 3:40 pm

    Nope. I don’t believe in evil. 😉

  4. July 16, 2008 4:57 pm

    Ooooh I wondered why I was suddenly getting a spurt of blog-traffic from you. You’ve linked me 🙂 Thanks.

  5. July 16, 2008 9:10 pm

    Thanks for the links. I visited Grace. I stopped by Kay’s, but all her recent posts were about the new blog, so I didn’t comment.

  6. July 17, 2008 9:46 am

    hehehehe…I’m evil, no?

    Yes. Yes, you are. It’s always the cute ones you gotta watch out for…

  7. warriormare permalink
    July 17, 2008 2:29 pm

    Yeah, thanks, EIleen, ’cause I have lots of spare time, too!

    Well, I joined you in the handbasket. Looks like a lot of fun! 🙂


  8. episcopalifem permalink*
    July 17, 2008 8:27 pm

    Hooray Warriormare!! YAY!

  9. July 17, 2008 10:26 pm


  10. July 18, 2008 12:39 am

    I just found your blog. I’m so excited to read about another episcopalian…I never meet any…I probably would if I went to church but that isn’t happening right now. I can’t wait to read more.

  11. episcopalifem permalink*
    July 18, 2008 10:04 am

    Welcome Jennifer!

    I have loads of other Episcopalians linked on my blogroll! Check them out!

  12. July 21, 2008 1:02 pm

    Thanks for the plug 🙂

    I’ve had quite a few page hits through you…!

  13. episcopalifem permalink*
    July 21, 2008 3:50 pm

    YAY Grace!! I”m glad! you have a blog worth reading!

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