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Theme Song Suggestions requested

November 27, 2007

Pisco (wisco) is compiling a list of theme songs of his friends. You know, songs that capture the theme of your life.

I’m terrible at this, so I am soliciting suggestions.

So far, I have this one:

Fat Bottomed Girls (from one Wisco who shall remain wameless – erm – nameless.)

Other suggestions? Agreement?


Super Freak
Come On Eileen
I Will Survive

To Be Laughing (Doug and the Slugs)

Oh yeah…these are good. Quite good!

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  1. kay permalink
    November 27, 2007 6:39 pm

    Hmmmm. A good theme song for Eileen …. Oh oh! I got one!

    She’s a very kinky girl, the kind you don’t take home to mother
    She will never let your spirits down, once you get her off the street
    She likes the boys in the band, she says that I’m her all-time favorite
    When I make my move to her room it’s the right time,
    She’s never hard to please

    That girl is pretty wild now (the girl’s a super freak)
    The kind of girl you read about (in new wave magazines)
    That girl is pretty kinky (the girl’s a super freak)
    I really love to taste her (every time we meet)
    She’s all right, she’s all right, that girls all right with me


  2. November 27, 2007 7:03 pm

    Would “Come on Eileen” be too simplistic?

    How about “I Will Survive?”

  3. Doc Logger permalink
    November 27, 2007 11:29 pm

    Definitely “to Be Laughing” from Doug and The Slugs.

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