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Gays in the News

October 2, 2007

From USA Today:

Group targets ‘religion-based bigotry’ against gays

The non-profit group Faith in America is touring five states, taking out ads, and talking to people, this week in Greenville, SC – ending up with a town meeting.

Today’s newspaper ad shows a series of celebrities — Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, the Obama family, Jeb and Colomba Bush — and says “religion-based bigotry has been used by those who wanted us to believe… women are inferior. Races are unequal. Interracial marriage should be banned.” Now it’s being used by people who oppose equal rights for gays, the ad says.

The group also is running a TV ad featuring the mother of a youth allegedly killed over his “sexual identity.”

Similar campaigns are planned in Manchester, N.H., Reno, Nev., and a city in Florida. The Ames phase ended in a tense town meeting described in the Iowa State Daily. The Ames Tribune ran an editorial headlined “Conversation is a step in the right direction.”

Of course, Fred Thompson would like to see all that schnikey shut down.

Thompson on gay marriage: Don’t let judges legalize it

Republican Fred Thompson has fashioned a novel position on same-sex marriage: He supports a constitutional amendment to bar judges from making it legal.

That means state legislatures could still permit same-sex marriage, but according to the AP, Thompson said the practical effect would be a ban.

“It’ll stop the process in its tracks because it’s all judge-made,” Thompson said in Newton, Iowa, at the start of a three-day campaign swing. “No state legislature accompanied by a governor’s signature has gone down that road.”

Thompson, a former Tennessee senator, is trying to reassure religious conservatives that his views on social issues are compatible with theirs.

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  1. October 2, 2007 11:49 am

    With all the hype in the news about the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism, we should take heed to the rise of Fundamentalism in our faith and our own backyards.

    This is all scary stuff. But then, these types perpetuate fear and hatred, i don’t care what language they use, and how much they say such phrases like “hate the sin, love the sinner.”

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