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Update of Sorts on Fran Lyon and her Brittish Social Service Troubles

September 25, 2007

Thanks to Joy at eishaptomai ousa ten diakonen for keeping close tabs on this story. Fran Lyon is the young woman who had a situation come up with the father of her unborn child where she felt unsafe (she is a rape survivor), which lead to the police bringing the case to the attention of social services, which is leading to the threat to remove her child, Molly, from her custody upon her birth, because she has the “potential” to abuse the child.

Joy links to a few updates and shares some VERY fascinating information (well fascinating at least to me and Dennis) about the use of the Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis in the UK. Basically, this diagnosis is considered untreatable and life-long, and has been used to DENY people so diagnosed treatment. Fran was diagnosed with BPD, and, seems to be having some fallout from that diagnosis. Actually, it becomes even more convoluted – a pediatrician Fran has never met with, added his .2 cents to the report, saying that the primary danger comes from the fact that she may suffer Munchausen’s by Proxy – a disorder where a parent or caretake (like a nurse) will cause illness in their child to get attention for themselves (“attention seeking” is a diagnositic criteria for BPD). Fran has never, and to this point, no proof has been offered that she currently exhibits any signs of Munchausen’s by Proxy.

This young woman’s issue is also apparently tied up in a local political agenda – so all kinds of people are twisting her words, and presenting her story in a light that best suits their purpose.

The whole thing is outrageous and sickens me. Head over to Joy’s and read a few of the articles she links to for the full picture.

FEH. Asshattery.

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  1. September 26, 2007 11:12 am

    Thanks for the plug. Yes, most scary. I just hope, though, that I’m not also falling into the trap of using Fran’s story to make my own point. How much the BPD comes into what Social Services are doing I don’t directly know. But given that they’re alleged her to have self-harmed her way into a tracheotomy (like how? mind boggles…) and are making the MSBP allegations (which cannot in any way be connected to anything which may have happened with her ex) I can only surmise that it does. But I’ll try and keep updating…

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