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WTF of the day…

September 14, 2007

Via MadPriest

On her blog eishaptomai ousa ten diakonen, Joy writes about the plight of Fran Lyon, a young woman who is in peril of losing her baby because of past mental health issues as a teen ager (brought on by the trauma of rape), and reporting an incident to authorities in which she became fearful of the father of her unborn daughter, Molly.

Here are some excerpts from the article referred to by Joy in her blog post at the Daily Mail:

Two thousands babies under one year old were taken from their parents last year by social services – three times the number ten years ago. Critics believe councils are doing this to help meet government adoption ‘targets’.
‘How can it be in the child’s best interests to take a baby away from its mother at birth? The reason why they do it is because it’s much harder to take away a baby the longer it spends with its mother, and a healthy newborn baby is so much easier to find adoptive parents for.

‘It is estimated that 97 per cent of babies taken away from their mothers at birth, on the basis that the mothers are “capable of emotional abuse”, are never returned to them – and that is simply scandalous.

…What does Fran’s case tell us? That no woman who has been raped or had mental health problems can be allowed to have a baby, even years later?

‘What could be more traumatic than for a mother to have her baby taken away at birth? It’s monstrous. That, in itself, can cause mental health problems, which is then used by social services against the mother as a reason not to return the baby. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Way to get people who really need help to feel safe and secure enough to ask for it. Admit you’ve had troubles, and that you might need extra help and/or support, or God forbid, you have an acutal REAL reason to feel fearful, and you could end up losing everything that might be dear to you.

Way to go Northumberland Council. Asshat of the Week award is going out to all of YOU.

I wonder how the members of this council can stand themselves? Do they sleep well at night? This is utterly OUTRAGEOUS.

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