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An article and a podcast from As We Are

June 26, 2007

I have two things I’d like to bring to your attention from my friend Trudi’s online magazine, As We Are.

The first is an essay written by her called When an Eating D$isorder isn’t About Being Thin. This is a very poignant essay for folks who struggle with the other end of the eating disorder spectrum – those who are obsessed with food, eating, and exercise, but who are not part of the Ani crowd (Ani, short for Anorexics, for those of you who don’t know!). This is an essay I can truly relate to, especially as one who struggles with weight, and constantly gets caught in the self-imposed mental trap that equates thinness with moral correctness, and overeating with the worst of sins amongst the worst of sins. Please do go over and give it a read.

Also, there is also an interesting podcast posted on Ecofeminism. This is an area that is new to me, but one that is probably quite familiar to Ann+ over at Green Lent. Julia (the podcaster) isn’t an “expert” but she does a good job of providing and overview, and references some online resources on the subject. For those of you who don’t know, ecofeminism is briefly defined as:

the social movement that regards the oppression of women and nature as interconnected. It is one of the few movements and analyses that actually connects two movements. More recently, ecofeminist theorists have extended their analyses to consider the interconnections between sexism, the domination of nature (including animals), and also racism and social inequalities. Consequently it is now better understood as a movement working against the interconnected oppressions of gender, race, class and nature.
According to

Interesting stuff.

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