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New Fun Things for Today

May 24, 2007

How smart are you?

How much are you worth?

Edited to Add: I found these fun things on the blogConstgruction Time Again.

She’s one of us regular nutters.

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  1. Grandmère Mimi permalink
    May 24, 2007 10:42 pm

    No, Eileen, I am not as smart as you. My score was 88.8. You win.

  2. Eileen permalink
    May 25, 2007 6:08 am

    Nope – .5% is meaningless.

    Yer definitely my equal, and based on the evidence of the quality of this blog vs. the quality of your own, I’d have to say this test is “dumb”.

    Also, it’s distressing to me that approximately 11% of people are smarter than us – that also seems not possible.

  3. Pisco Sours permalink
    May 25, 2007 10:30 am

    97.45% and $2,175,842.

  4. Erin permalink
    May 25, 2007 10:51 am

    Aren’t blogthingiess FUN? 🙂 Thank you for calling me a nutter – I’ll take that as a compliment, I think!

  5. Wormwood's Doxy permalink
    May 25, 2007 11:22 am

    95.8% and $2.4 million.

    Not bad for a middle-aged mom with half-heimer’s!

  6. Eileen permalink
    May 25, 2007 12:27 pm

    Erin – It’s a definitely a compliment.

    I’m only $2.24 million because being 5′ tall adds $0 to your net worth. Sucks.

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