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Post Fragment I hope to expand on soon..from comments at Mad Priest’s

May 22, 2007

In response to Reverand Boy’s comment on the thread concerning the announce of the ABC’s decision to include everyone at Lambeth 08, except those who are problematic.

These are some thoughts on empire that I have been having in reponse to a lecture given by Barbara Rossing at Trinity Cathedral on the relation of Empire and the book of Revelation, and a book called Colossian’s Remixed, which I am currently reading – which looks at the letter to the Colossians as an exhortation to abandon the ways of the Empire, and give over to the way of Christ.

Thoughts regarding the influence of Empire on the church – in both an ancient and modern context.This spring, I’ve heard talks and read a few things which have greatly stirred up thoughts about the church as a status quo machine for the modern Empire.

The subversive church wasn’t about keeping people silently in their place, towing the line – it was about stirring people up to the possiblity that the Empire was not the be all end all – that there was something “more” than the Empire – something far more worthy of their reach.

Christ wanted us to break through the bonds of legalism, to serve those who were most in need, to work to see Christ himself reflected in those surrounding us. This was subversion – not status quo seeking.

Christ never set out to create an Empire – all empires are man made, especially the institutional ones.

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  1. the Reverend boy permalink
    May 22, 2007 1:11 pm

    I posted a more coherent visceral reaction to +ABC’s decision on my blog. My comments at OCICBW were, admittedly, stream of conscious and may not have made sense.

    On another topic, one of the things that happens when your boss is away in Asia for a few days is that you have time to think. Over the past few days i’ve been thinking more about the relationship (sometimes adulterous) between church and state, or church and empire as would say … You’ve given me some great “brain candy” to help flesh them out …

    Thanks again!

  2. Secret Rapture permalink
    May 22, 2007 2:48 pm

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