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Belated post for Suzer…These fires are STILL burning in GA

May 22, 2007

My boss sent this along — he is originally from Waycross GA (that’s way in the SE corner of the state) near the Okeefenokee Swamp. The fires there have been terrible, and no rain. Anyway, it’s a pretty amazing pic. My boss said it reminded him of Gone With The Wind. Highways have been closed, and health alerts are up because of all the smoke.

Pray for South Georgia, y’all.


Susan 🙂

(Below is a story from the Savannah news…)

“Adventure Radio stations are collecting items needed by the firefighters in Waycross, GA. Firefighters from across the area have come to help put out the fires in Waycross and they need our help. This Sunday, from 11am-4pm, Adventure Radio will be at the Savannah Mall collecting needed items (listed below) then, with the help of United Rentals, all items will be delivered directly to the firefighters. Come out and help us this Sunday, from 11am-4pm at the Savannah Mall.
The Firefighters would appreciate Travel Size items of the supplies so they can be easily distributed and carried. Here is a complete list of desired items.
The personal items listed are for the firefighters on duty. They are unable to leave the “fire zone” or “staging areas” for any reason (such as purchasing personally needed items). We want to do everything we can to support them & keep them going. There are approximately 880 firefighter and forestry men on the ground; if they all drank one bottle of water at once, they would use 2 whole pallets.
Snacks & Beverages (Cans & 20 oz)
Bottled Water
Powdered Drink Mix/Vitamin Supplement Packet for a 20 oz bottle (Individual Packs)
V8 Juice (Individual Cans)
Other Bottled & Canned Drinks (Caffeinated, Non-Caffeinated, Energy/Vitamin)
Raisins (Individual Packs – Not Bulk)
Snack Size Fruit Cups (& Plastic Spoons)
Tuna Snack Packs
Cheese/Peanut Butter Crackers (Individual Packs)
Sunflower Seeds
Granola Bars
Slim Jims (Mild)
Beef Jerky
Chips (Individual Bags)
Beanie Weenies
Saltine Crackers
Peppermints/Hard Candy (Individually Wrapped)
M&Ms (Individual Packs – Not Bulk)
Little Debbie Snacks
Candy Bars
Pop Tarts
Chewing Gum
Other Individually Wrapped, Easy To Eat Snacks
Boxers (mainly medium through 2XX)
Tube Socks
Men’s & Women’s Briefs (mainly medium through 2XX)
White Crew Neck T-Shirts (mainly medium through 2XX)
Muscle Shirts/Tank Tops
Men’s & Women’s Tube Socks
Leather Gloves
Personal Hygiene
Hand Soap (With Pump)
Fingernail Clippers
Small Mirrors
Toothbrush & Toothpaste (Travel Size)
Hand Sanitizer (Travel Size)
Feminine Hygiene Products
Deodorant (Travel Size)
Dental Floss/Tooth Picks (Travel Size)
Lotion (Travel Size)
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash (Travel Size)
Razors & Shaving Cream
Large Towels
Baby Powder
First Aid & Medications
Moleskin (for Blisters)
Lip Balm (For example Carmex – Not Chap Stick)
Sore Throat Spray
Non-Drowsy Sinus/Allergy Medication
Individual Headache Powders/Pills (Without Aspirin)
Anti-Acid/Heartburn & Indigestion Medication
Non-Medicated Saline Nasal Spray
Eye Drops/Eye Wash/Artificial Tears
Chewable Vitamin C
Anti-Itch Cream (Travel Size)
Foot Powder, Non-Medicated Gold Bond Foot Powder (Travel Size)
Insect Repellant (With Tick Repellent)
Sunscreen (Travel Size)
Ear Plugs
Aqua Cool Neck Wrap (We heard through the grapevine these can be purchased cheaper at )
Oral-B Brush Ups
Multi-Vitamins (especially Vitamin C)
General Supplies
Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V))
Flashlights (& Batteries for that flashlight)
Large Glow Sticks (used by Forestry men to mark their paths at night)
Thick Shoe Insoles
Foot/Boot Liners
Dust Masks
Duct Tape
Bungee Cords
Sunglass & Eyeglass Strings (to hold sunglasses around neck)
Key Ring Clips (the ones that look like mountain climbing clips)
Drink Coolers (Non Styrofoam)
Extension Cords
Cleaning Supplies (Comet, Mr. Clean, Windex, Rags, etc.)
Bounce Dryer Sheets (used as insect repellent)
Grocery Bags, Zip-Lock Bags, and Trash Bags
Phone Cards (Many of the firefighters are from out of state – as far as MN & AZ and have no way to contact their family.)

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