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Prayer Request

May 16, 2007

(image from the Asbury Park Press)
Some of you may have seen that a very large wildfire is burning up the Pinelands in NJ. The Pinelands are a special area, where a certain type of scrub pine grows in soil that is very sandy. There is only one other place in the world these trees grow (in Finland, or some such European country).

This forest is in my county and quite close to Fr. Jake’s territory.

Several homes have already been destroyed, about 50 have major damage and over 2500 people (including nursing home patients) have been evacuated to local schools.

The weather here today is most obnoxious to fire fighting. Hot, dry and WINDY.

Please pray for some rain, and for the fire to be contained ASAP, and for those whose homes are in jeopardy to return to mere cinder scorches on their lawns.

I hear that with the wind, burning embers are just floating down everywhere.

I’m about 30 miles away, and I can smell it burning with the window open in my office.

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