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From Ann+ – The Nigerian Perspective on +Akinola’s Installation

May 8, 2007

Akinola Installs Parallel Anglican Bishop in the U.S.

Here’s a teaser from it:

LITERALLY returning the torch of Christianity to the White World, which the conservative members of the religion now see as fast embracing darkness, Nigeria’s Bishop Peter Akinola at the weekend installed a bishop for a United States parish network that is opposed to gay relationships.

In carrying out the missionary work, the Nigerian leader brushed aside a contrary counsel from the liberal head of the Anglican Communion, Archbishop Rowan Williams.

It was a classic reversal of roles for Europe and the United States, which have always claimed to have brought light to Africa, the “Black continent.”

Akinola installed Bishop Martyns Minns, a former Episcopal clergyman, to lead the conservative U.S. parish network he created, despite a last-minute plea from the head of the Anglican Communion that he cancelled his visit.

The Nigerian cleric was already in the U.S. when a spokesman for Archbishop Williams revealed on Friday that Williams had tried to intercede. The installation ceremony, held at a non-denominational chapel, went ahead as planned.

Minns was given full leadership of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America, which Akinola started last December as an alternative to the liberal-leaning Episcopal Church.

The Nigerian Village Square, the website from which this article was taken, regales itself this way: “In traditional African settings, people from all corners meet at the Village Square after a hard day’s work to sip unadulterated palm-wine, share news, gossip, jokes, music, dance, events and opinions. Visitors to the square are warmly welcomed and can get directions, information and clarify misconceptions.

The Nigerian Village Square has been established to play this role for Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria across the entire globe. We convene in our virtual village square to exchange information about our country, the communities in which we currently reside and the larger world around us. More importantly, ideas developed here enable us improve our lives and advance the country’s ideals.

Emphasis is placed on the rich interchange of ideas and opinions in the Nigerian Village Square as opposed to raw news reporting. Newshounds can however access the latest news culled from news portals and wire services, including links to major Nigerian and international newspapers. For relaxation, the trend-setting section on Nigerian and African music, movies and more makes an excellent destination.”

Very interesting perspective. Especially interesting is the idea that the “dark continent” is saving Christianity worldwide, overturning the roles of blacks and whites.

Not that +Akinola has a big head or anything.

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