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Susie Flynn For President

April 4, 2007

Hat tip to Space Cowboy via Shakesville.

Susie Flynn is 10 years old. She’s running for president.

Her platform: Health insurance for the 9 million (that’s right 9 MILLION) children who don’t have health insurance.

She collecting signatures via her webpage, and she’s aiming for 9 million signatures, one for each of the uninsured kids in our great nation. Let’s help her out!

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  1. Padre Mickey permalink
    April 4, 2007 7:53 pm

    I thought you had to be 35 years old to be preznit.
    The current preznit has the emotional age of eight, and that’s okay, but I think ya gots ta be toityfive.
    Plus, she’s too cute to be preznit of the nited states.

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