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Thought for the Day from Listening Hearts

April 3, 2007

It’s a paraphrase, but I’ve been chewing on it all morning.

“The person you least wish to seek/listen to/like, holds the most important thing for you to hear/learn.”

So, I guess this means I need to really listen to the folks over at Viagraville, and really hear their concern.

(Runs and hides…)

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  1. Julie+ permalink
    April 3, 2007 1:50 pm


    While it could be worthwhile to sit down and talk with someone who holds an anti-gay, exclusivist position, the anonymity of the internet makes true conversation between those of diametrically opposed positions difficult at best. And the poison that can be present on those sites (especially the grossly misnamed virtueonline) is, I truly believe, spiritually harmful to readers. Face to face conversation, on the other hand, may actually produce if not transformation, at least a better grasp of each others fears and hopes.

    And since I speak as one who was transformed by just such an encounter, who knows what might happen??

    Them’s my 2 cents, anyway!

  2. Eileen permalink
    April 3, 2007 3:16 pm

    I’m saved! Julie+ saved me!

    (falls on the floor before you!)

    I agree about the face to face thing.

    Most people don’t discuss theological differences the way they get discussed online. And, I do think it’s important to hear the things we don’t want to hear…it’s just that…I don’t want to! (But, I’m working on it!)

  3. Grandmère Mimi permalink
    April 3, 2007 8:00 pm

    They would be on my list of folks I don’t want to hear, and, as of now, I ain’t going there.

    I agree with Julie that the internet tubes are not the best place for transformation to happen.

  4. Dennis permalink
    April 3, 2007 8:42 pm

    You know that I’ve honestly tried a few times over the past month to have worthwhile discussions over there.

    And from my experience I can tell you that it isn’t worth the wear and tear on your computer keyboard.

    They simply are in a different world than we are.

    I’ve even said to them that I am sure that if we were members of the same parish we would wind up having nice conversations on the weather or the choir’s last anthem or whatever.

    But on the internet too many of them seem to let go of reality.

    I still lurk over there to see what nonsense they are up to (their latest plan to write letters to all the primates was worth passing on to the crowd over at Jake’s today) but as to actually engaging in conversation… sadly I don’t think it is possible.

  5. Catherine + permalink
    April 3, 2007 11:43 pm

    The best thing we can do is pray for our misguided brothers and sister and ask God’s healing upon them and the entire Church they have sought to divide and conquer.

  6. pisco sours permalink
    April 4, 2007 8:33 am

    Eileen, just remember, God will eventually turn everyone’s hearts to him in the end. All the disagreements between us and the StandFirm crowd are transitory and of this world only.

    We’re going to end up with them in our Father’s house one day. Until then, all we can do is pray that he will soften their hearts.

    And have them tone down their rhetoric a notch too. I mean, criminy!

  7. Dennis permalink
    April 4, 2007 3:13 pm

    You know, I have to take my words back, I guess, because just a few hours after I posted the warning to stay away from that crowd I ran back for another debate with them.
    I should listen to my own advice sometimes!

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