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A Hymn for The Anglican Communion

April 2, 2007

Blackadder: “Something is always wrong, Balders. The fact that I am not a millionaire aristocrat with the sexual capacity of a rutting rhino is a constant niggle.

(As nicked from the comment box at Mad Priest’s)

How Can I Keep From Screaming

Oh, Cantuar’s chair is said to be
a focus of uniting;
but Carey’s odd theology
we all found uninviting.

When Rowan’s name came to the fore
we thought that we were dreaming;
but seeing what he’s done to us,
how can I keep from screaming?

He is a poet, brilliant too,
and bravely gay-affirming –
until he took Augustine’s chair.
Since then he left us squirming.

He’s fallen prey to every scheme
that Duncan had been dreaming,
and swallowed Akinola’s gunk.
How can I keep from screaming?

Those Lambeth halls have some effect
that seems beyond explaining:
their occupants become enthralled
with anti-gay complaining.

Why don’t those Primates realize,
with all their vestments streaming,
that they’re performing clad in drag?
How can I keep from screaming?

Our only hope is that they learn:
a Covenant, to be inviting,
Would be much wiser and astute
if women did the writing.

The universe toward justice moves –
thank God whose glory’s gleaming –
but ’til Christ comes to set things right,
how can I keep from screaming?

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