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Rickie Lee Talks about her Music and Religion..

February 21, 2007

Urge recently conducted an exclusive Q&A with singer/songwriter Rickie Lee Jones in which Jones discusses her new album, religion and finding her niche after the success of “Chuck E’s in Love.”

In the interview Jones explains that she “like(s) to read the Bible, but I’m a real Old Testament reader…I never made my way to the New Testament.” She also discusses the role of Christianity and spirituality in her new record. “There’s a kind of person who seems to be running away with Christianity. I don’t think that this religion should belong to a political party and that’s why I, as a secular person, as a very left-wing woman, went ‘you guys can’t take this religion away from the rest of the world.’”

She also speaks about past struggles with labels compromising her creativity. “It was as if, for that small period, whatever I did seemed to be met with disapproval. And I think it’s because everything I was doing was measured against the phenomenon of “Chuck E.’s In Love,” as if nothing I could do, everything I would create, would never be enough.”

You can read the entire Q&A on URGE at

Rickie Lee Jones

She’s an interesting lady. Go check it out.

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