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Rickie Lee Jones gets Spiritual…

February 14, 2007

Ok…So I went to a concert over the weekend. I know, I know. I don’t get out much.

I was visiting with the brother-in-law who is making me upset. He took us to the concert. I was expecting to hear a bunch of stuff like Chuck E.’s in Love. And she did do some of her old stuff, but, I got a song that had lyrics like this, and I felt a bit like Rickie Lee was talking to me (my 15yo nephew and his friend thought she was drunk off her ass, which I suppose could be true, but…whatever!)

Where I Like It Best (not all the lyrics, just the ones that spoke to me!)

How do you pray in a world like this
You know, I see the people on TV
And they close their eyes and they bow their heads
And they say “Let us pray”
And it feels so cold and meaningless
And I wanted to pray
And I said
Tell me father
Tell me mother
Heavenly mother
And they said

When you pray
Pray alone by yourself
In the secret room of your heart
Don’t go out into the church filled with people and pray
God hears every secret that you say
See all those people praying on TV and the churches
They like to make a big parade out of what they’re doing
They think God hears them louder if they say it
Over and over and over and over and over again

But I say, God, but I say this
You are the prayer
Your eyes are the prayer
Your hand on your cheek
You are the prayer
Those words you want to speak
They are the prayer
That dance you make
When you’re by yourself
Just before your mother calls you on the phone
You are the prayer
I tell you what
You gotta take it back from them
Because the prayers belong to you
All you gotta do is say hey hey
I’m down here too, I’m down here too
I’m down here too
And I hear you in the trees
And I hear you
And I’m near you
I wonder why there’s so much suffering

This struck me as very powerful. A pleading need you could almost feel around her as she sang the song. It made me think of myself at one point in time, and of the many unchurched people who feel they aren’t holy enough or knowledgeable enough to attend church or speak to God. Or who don’t know how to pray. Don’t know that anything that comes from your heart is a prayer, and that you don’t need to be special to try to be near God.

So, thanks Rickie Lee. You touched me.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 23, 2007 12:23 am

    My wife and I just witnessed the absolute worse concert peformance by any performer at the Fitzgerald in St. Paul. Rickie Lee Jones was late starting and played for 1 hour. First time I have seen her and I would say she must have been on something besides Jesus. We will be asking for our money back.

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